What would y’all do if Russell T. Davies came back as showrunner?

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013
  1. i-came-in-like-a-wrecking-bell answered: I would be so happy. I like Moffat’s ideas but they are executed terribly…
  2. rodrigo-sabbat answered: Oh, I like this idea.
  3. majinsmindpalace answered: I would cry, smile, scream and shout all at once. My conflicting emotions would be too much to contain.
  4. thedoctorloveshiscompanions answered: That would be Brilliant
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    I would be really excited, because I love Matt Smith and some of Moffat’s episodes are good, but Davies were just...
  6. punkrockislame answered: cry. i miss him so much
  7. asiandaria answered: cry joyous tears
  8. kbfornow answered: Grin like an idiot. Plus Julie Gardner, please! :D
  9. littlebrokeshopper answered: starting praising a deity.
  10. xamyomgx answered: Watch the show again and thank baby jesus
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    Yes. Just fucking god damn yes!
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    Probably vomit. For all his good stories, he had some pretty fucking terrible ones. We’re talking 100x worse than...
  13. spookybrownsoda answered: YESYESYESYESSSS
  14. mytwinisagiraffe answered: I WOULD CELEBRATE SO HARD.
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    Cry tears of joy.
  18. walkingthroughtheshadows answered: I would flip the hell out! Proper character development returns and my emotions wouldn’t be able to handle the new series.
  19. unwinding-pulse answered: I would pretty much cry and regain hope for the series again. It warms my heart to even think if he came back, that would be exciting!
  20. addams-beineke answered: Cry. Good tears.
  21. reddin1153 answered: Fell good for Steven Moffat who seems to want him back more than anybody else does
  22. withlovetanya answered: I’d be pissed because I would die of happiness and excitement and miss him becoming showrunner. lol
  23. are-you-ready-to-be-strong answered: lose my shit
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  25. imjustacatdoincatstuff answered: run around in excitement for an hour straight
  26. theeilidhuniverse answered: Hope more characters live…
  27. chemistryhero answered: i wouldn’t really care for it tbh..
  28. emotionallycompromisdteenagedgrl answered: Be very very very happy
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    Scream, cry, wait patiently for the pain.
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    Enjoy the show more
  31. chorusofheavilyaccentedhellas answered: Become exremely happy and then maybe die.
  32. alrightramblers answered: weep with joy. SO MUCH JOY.
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