Girls don’t like boys.  Girls like TV shows with kickass ladies and Billie Piper.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014
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if I could burn only one aspect of Moffat’s Who down to the ground and salt the earth behind it, it would be this: “the Doctor lies.” good Christ do I hate the Doctor lies. it’s become a rallying point for folks who like the Doctor as a pseudo-Sherlock, a consulting intergalactic sociopath. it has become shorthand for the Doctor lies compulsively and continually and that’s why the plots don’t make any fucking sense. it has become shorthand for you cannot trust the Doctor. he is the hero of the show, but that same show can’t leave off telling you that if you’ve placed your trust in him, you’re a fool. and people are pleased with this idea? it comforts them in the long watches of the night, to believe now that the Doctor is astonishingly clever, but not particularly good?

burned. salted. the Doctor lies: if I never see that again in a comment thread, justifying something asinine, it’ll be too soon. this rant has been brought to you by the fact that I haven’t had lunch.

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I actually have done the math on them and their adventures in TARDIS-growing. Assuming that it’d take around 3,000 years to grow a TARDIS under a non-shatterfryed plasmic shell incident (which is purely speculation, based solely on Tentoo’s ‘but that takes thousands of years’), and based on the math below…

x^59 = 3000

x = 59√3000

x = 1.0013601

It’d end up being a little more than a year. That’s all, have a good day.

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ooh awesome, thanks! here you go anon.

Except the 59th root of 3000 is 1.145 And also, growth rate doesn’t work like that. So if Donna had said something more like “the total time to grow would be reduced to the 59th power” (idk its even confusing to say) then we can say 1.145 years. But she said RATE. And for organisms, growth rate, in general, can be considered exponential (by the process of one cell becomes two becomes four becomes eight, etc etc), which can be expressed by the formula:

xt= x0(1+r)t

where for growth of variable x, r is rate, t is time, xt is the size at the end and x0 is the size at time zero.

So, given 3000 years, where we can say we are getting .003 generations/year for our rate:

xt= x0[(1+.003)59t

….solved to….

xt/x0 = 1.19t

which can be expressed logarithmically as:

log(xt/x0) = 1.19t

and solving t with our rules of logarithms…

t = [log(xt) - log(x0)] / log (1.19)

because we can solve our x0 to initially be 1, and xt to be, after 3000 years:

xt= 1[(1+.003)3000t = 7994

we can plug that into our log equation above so we have:

t = [log(7994) - log(1)] / log (1.19)

t = 51.66 years

given just 1000 years, it would have been about 17.1 years.

HOWEVER My headcanon has it that this is an organism that is inherrently able to time travel, and it wouldn’t be restricted by our linear temporal dimensions, so its growht rate is probably some sort of exponent of an exponent, the math of which I wouldn’t even know how to begin to approach. So let’s just make up a nice conveniently short number and leave it at that, shall we!?

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Monday, August 18, 2014
ibelieveindreaming asked: "AND I WILL SHIP THE DOCTOR WITH ROSE UNTIL THE DAY I DIE" I love you already

My University’s Biology Department is SEXIST and I need to vent about it!!!

I just defended my Master’s Thesis last month (July 3rd). On July 17th, my department accepted me as a PhD student for this semester with a fully funded assistantship pending turning in a final draft of my thesis. I thought this was no sweat, because a lab mate of mine currently in the PhD program and who did his Master’s there was offered the same, and still hasn’t turned his draft in four years later (mine is done, pending meeting with my advisor who has been out of town and getting it signed).

Well, I just got an e-mail today saying I cut it too close, and I should have had my signed thesis in on the 15th of August (less than a month after being told I was accepted) and that I couldn’t come back this semester.  

A woman lab mate of mine, who started both her Master’s and PhD at the same time as the man I mentioned above, was being funded but was cut off three and a half years into her PhD, while HE WAS ALLOWED TO KEEP HIS, HAVING STILL NOT TURNED IN HIS THESIS FOUR YEARS LATER because she had taken “too many class credits” (HE had taken the bare minimum every semester). 

And I know, I know, this is just one instance, but the only reason I know this level of detail about their situations is that they are my lab mates, so I’m familiar about their situations. 

There’s further evidence of sexism. 

  • This semester, 20/33 (60%) of graduate students who were awarded assistantships are male
  • 12/19 (73%) of Students in the PhD program are Male
  • Out of 21 Professors in the department, ONLY 3 ARE FEMALE!!! (That’s 86% male!)

I’ve heard tales that our department head was sexist, but until I actually looked at the numbers, I had no idea the extent of it. 

Oh well. The world didn’t need another woman in STEM anyway, did they? 

"Haunted by horrific experiences at the heart of an unseen Time War, the Ninth was a Doctor in recovery, healed by his connection with retail worker and council estate denizen Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) — Their meeting marking the beginning of Doctor Who’s greatest love story."
— Doctor Who Magazine (467 mini-mag; 2013)


Just noticed a little foreshadowing in Bad Wolf (112). Check out the painting on the wall. I see some dalek artwork…

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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Oh, just Nine and Rose with Shakespeare. Rose in an Elizabethan dress. Fending off Shakespeare’s advances. Nine soliloquising about how he’ll “have her but…won’t keep her long." Nine and Rose hugging on the jump seat. Rose telling Nine no one will ever forget him. No biggie. 

-(from DWM 364)

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John Barrowman has done the Ice Bucket challenge, and challenged David Tennant (And Misha Collins!)!!!


(video link)


Oh Ten you’re so smooth
Ladies’ man
 More like Rose man

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Friday, August 15, 2014
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Nothing is ever forgotten, not completely.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014
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Using the “Share a Coke” mall tour exactly as Coca-Cola intended.




Using the “Share a Coke” mall tour exactly as Coca-Cola intended.




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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


GIF MEME | Tentoo x Rose + Touch Me
— requested by txxrdis

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Saturday, August 9, 2014
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Friday, August 8, 2014


The Shippy Dalek commentates popular Doctor x Rose scenes. 2/?
For billieviper because her idea inspired this post. 

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