You can all go home now.  statsbritain has posted the finest tweet they will ever post.


You can all go home now.  statsbritain has posted the finest tweet they will ever post.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

fuckingmulder replied to your post: When you’re trick-or-treating and a ho…

one time this lady gave is fucking pencils i was so mad oh my god

At least pencils are useful tho! (But seriously though I want some fucking candy!)

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Monday, October 20, 2014
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When you’re trick-or-treating and a house is handing out those little tiny bible propaganda books instead of candy



Do you ever think about how Moffat created a completely new doctor so that he could handle the regeneration problem and then handle the regeneration problem by just giving the doctor new regenerations and you just


Doctor Who that never was - unmade New Who eps




Absence of the Daleks (Nine, Rose) Before they knew if they could use Daleks in the new series, they had to come up with not!Daleks.


Untitled Nine Story (Nine, Rose)  Jack discovers that Rose’s life has been manipulated by the Doctor in an experiment to create the perfect companion.


Untitled 1920s Story (Ten, Rose) Details unknown, but by Stephen Fry.


Century House (Ten, Martha) The Doctor and Martha appear on Most Haunted.


Untitled Story (Ten, Donna)  People are in a glass bowl. image

The Suicide Exhibition (Ten, Donna) Nazis take over the Natural History Museum in London, and there’s a secret chamber under the museum.


Untitled Christmas Special (Ten) The world of Harry Potter comes to life.


Untitled Story (Eleven, Amy)  An old people’s home and a lighthouse that was a spaceship.


Death to the Doctor (Eleven, Amy)  A different Strax origin story.


Doctor Who Magazine #360. RTD said that Paul Abbott submitted a storyline proposal about how Rose had been bred secretly by the Doctor as a psychic experiment to create his perfect companion. RTD: “I sat there and went, ‘You’ve ruined my character, thank you very much!’” In any case, Abbott became too busy with other projects for it to go any further than that.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014



imageWiNdOWS sKiPPeD NiNE AnD thIS iS aLL i CaN tHInk Of IS:



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I found this picture on tumblr



What on earth is Peter Capaldi thinking in that shot?




fuckingmulder replied to your post: Happy X-Files Day!!!

lol is is cause its mulder’s and chris carter’s crusty ass birthdays?

Of course! And the repeating 10:13 meme within the show…

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Happy X-Files Day!!!


Back in the 90’s, X-Philes made a holiday out of today.

Those were the days…

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Monday, October 13, 2014


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Sunday, October 12, 2014
Emmett Carver and “the syringe” in Gracepoint


OK so the lovely whoinwhoville asked me about this the other day—bc I’m a pharmacist and literally have my doctorate in knowing what meds are what and how they are administered XD

Her question was essentially about my thoughts on the syringe in Gracepoint and what it could be, as there are not many medications that are administered like that—what we saw was an intramuscular injection through the anterior thigh.

Now the first thing we need to know is why aren’t medications administered like that? The answer is simple—because it’s too easy for patients to hurt themselves. Meds that are given like that tend to work very very quickly and powerfully. The FDA is not about to approve many meds for patient home use that are that powerful. Pharma companies haven’t pushed the issue—bc rule of thumb is that if a patient can misuse a drug, then one of them probably will, and will likely sue. MDs aren’t likely to even prescribe them for the same reason—medical-legal liability is at an all time high, and patient adherence is known to be pretty lackluster. Furthermore, although clean-needle programs are more accepted now than in years past, there is still always the suspicion that patients will divert syringes for illicit drug use, so many pharmacies and states won’t even allow patients to get syringes unless they absolutely need them.

So while some drugs—particularly things like psych meds for unwilling and agitated patients—are very commonly administered that way by nurses in a hospital/clinic environment (I approve these all the freaking time), you are rarely (if ever) going to see most meds administered as injections at home.

So… if you are an outpatient and at home, what NEEDS to be given through the skin? Three things:

1) EpiPens— aka epinephrine for anaphalactic attacks. This is not likely what we saw in Gracepoint, for several reasons. #1 it looked nothing like an EpiPen. #2 everyone who has an EpiPen should know that as soon as you administer it you fucking go to the hospital asap bc a lot of patients need more than just 1 dose and you could still die (this happens more often than you’d like to believe). #3 while he could have been having an anaphylactic reaction to something (not everyone wheezes… anaphylaxis is clinically defined as multi-system organ involvement in an reaction, it doesn’t specify what those organ systems are), this being Hollywood they would have likely made his symptoms more overt.

2) Insulin—which is not administered intramuscularly, and is certainly not given through clothes and rarely through the thigh. It’s a subcutaneous (under the skin) injection with tiny needles. Moreover, that wasn’t an insulin pen, was filled with waaaaaaay too much fluid to be an insulin syringe, was bigger than an insulin syringe, plus the small fact that you need to draw up insulin and there were no vials present.

3) Anticoagulants—subcutaneous injections of anticoagulants like enoxaparin are given when a patient with a history or at high risk of blood clots starts a blood-thinner regimen. Again, this is not an intramuscular injection and would never be given in the thigh. It is used however in patients with heart conditions and abnormal heart rhythms, because the abnormal heart rate can cause blood to pool in the left ventricle and cause a stroke. But you would never be like “ooh I feel bad so let me inject it”—it doesn’t work that way, you give yourself doses at specified times, not when you feel woozy. So… if Carver DOES have a heart condition in Gracepoint, this could be Hollywood’s ham-handed attempt to show it.

That’s pretty much it.

So my answer about what this could be? That’s pretty easy. It’s Hollywood style bullshit for dramatic impact (and YES we talk about this stuff before/after rounds at the hospital sometimes and mock some of the worst offenders). Syringes look cool, and all emergency-like, especially when you jam it through your clothes like that. But… they’re not frequently used, and certainly not in the manner in which we saw it used in Gracepoint.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

You are probably right about Hollywood style drama, but I worked in microbiological control at a production facility that filled injectable pharmaceuticals (I actually know very little about pharmaceuticals, I’m a microbiologist and evolutionary biologist and just made sure shit wasn’t contaminated, so please correct me if I’m wrong), and there are several other drugs that are administered at home with syringes for potentially fatal illnesses—the things that come to mind are the several biologics used for autoimmune disorders, renal failure, cancer treatment, etc.  Although I agree, I can’t think of one you’d emergency-inject through your clothes like that, but it has me thinking maybe they’ve given him cancer or organ failure. Or maybe he’s a heroin addict and is just shit at knowing how to use it!   


Physical closeness = couple

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Defenders of the EarthComing Soon to BBC 

Defenders of the Earth
Coming Soon to BBC 

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Saturday, October 11, 2014
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