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Her name was Rose (1/?)
Season 3 | The Runaway Bride

When you’re having a made up conversation by yourself in the car and somebody sees you so you pretend to be talking on speaker phone.

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.


“You know what we need? More confusion!” “Brilliant!”

WhatCulture has actually been improving somewhat recently with the inclusion of rather good meta XD Not to mention their taglines have been hysterically apropos XD

This article is full of good commentary and a couple of pretty good burns as well lol on story arcs, wibbly-wobbly finales, arch nemeses, the use of the Daleks, one-off villains, recurring characters, romance (lolol I think the writer ships Doctor/Rose as a bonus), and how poor Clara is being wasted. In a way, it’s almost an indirect comparison of the RTD era to the Moffat era on these topics and is worth a read.


David and Georgia Tennant at the Wal- Mart (April 12,2014)


Anonymous asked: Could we possibly talk?..



Yeah. Good luck, Day of the Doctor. 


awww look at Mickey trying to be the Doctor’s bro


awww look at Mickey trying to be the Doctor’s bro


i know some people say that it would’ve been nice if ten and rose had shared a dance in a scene somewhere in series 2 so that he could think about that in the runaway bride instead of the new earth scene where he catches rose after she returns from cassandra possessing her 


don’t you think it’s even more romantic that, when he sees that blonde woman dancing at donna’s reception, he immediately associates that type of scene with the seemingly innocent and non-romantic aforementioned catching scene?

i mean, we know that the new earth scene is romantic as anything anyway, what with the way they look at each other and breathe out ‘hello’ . and the way his hands linger on her arms until she pulls back. and the way their lower halves are pressed together. and the way rose’s eyes flit to his lips.

but it’s still a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, in the grand scheme of things, and i think it’s absolutely beautiful that the doctor remembers such an innocuous moment, a tiny few seconds which anyone else might forget what with all those months they spent together with many more moments taking up memory-space, but the doctor remembers, because having rose in his arms for those few seconds, getting her back after looking into her eyes all day and not seeing her, is worth remembering, to him, worth treasuring for all that time

worth remembering so much that in a crowded room at christmas, full of joyous people singing and dancing, feeling like his world has been torn apart, he sees a couple dancing, swallows hard against the pain, and thinks about rose being in his arms for those precious few seconds when everything seemed simple and happy just because rose was back, and he doesn’t think he’ll ever get to experience that again

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"… it’s not just history. It’s me, I make it happen."

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Someone’s going to have hurting ears the next day…

[Part of the TenToo Adventures series]

Thanks to crazyandsexy and moltobenebananas for helping me with some gaps in the contents and some decisions! :)
(Thanks to which, btw, the only scene I had planned but ended up leaving out, was just a small bonus ;)

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